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I Don’t Care If You’re Offended

An oldie but goodie for my first new post since making this blog public (and thanks to all of you reading this right now). One of my reasons for creating this site was to have a more permanent place to house links that I tend to frequently refer to whenever certain topics come up, and this post by @ScottMadin absolutely qualifies. The difference between offense and harm is key to a lot of discussions about why marginalized groups object to certain things, yet it's often confused and conflated until it becomes indistinguishable. Scott's post was the first thing I read to effectively articulate that difference and help me understand it, and it continues to be as relevant today as it was when it was first published.


I Hear You, Brother

This is based on the increasingly pervasive notion that Apple hates apple pie, freedom and cute puppies, as evidenced by all those essential, everyday tasks you can’t do with an iOS device. I can’t count the number of times I’ve pulled out my iPhone and urgently screamed, “Siri, recompile your kernel!” at it, then crumpled to the ground in despair.


10 Things In School That Should Be Obsolete

In an ideal world I'd rather more families homeschooled their kids, but if school must exist this is a very decent list of things that can and should be improved.

(via Kontra)


If You Oppose Marriage Equality, What Else Am I Supposed To Call You?

Is bigot too strong of a word? It doesn’t matter. The hurt feeling you have when you get called a mean name pales in comparison to the hurt the LGBT community feels when you strip their rights away.


Why The Chick-Fil-A Thing Is A Big Fucking Deal

Lot of great quotes here, but here's one of the best:

Asking for “mutual tolerance” on this is like running up to a bully beating a kid to death on the playground and scolding them both for not getting along.


Sexual Harassment In Online Gaming Stirs Anger

Nothing anyone who's been paying attention hasn't seen before, but good to see the Times chiming in nonetheless.


Skyrim For Small Fry

The Brainy Gamer with advice for playing games with little ones. Can't wait till my son is old enough for this.


When Your PC Isn't PC

Great piece about hegemonic discourse and how it colors our discussions.

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