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I'm Not Interested in Finding a Truce in the Culture War. I'm Interested in Winning It.

Lindy West:

There's this prevailing attitude that the "culture war" is some kind of discussion that we're all having. But you know what? Fuuuuuuck that. I know this is divisive and counterproductive and inflammatory or whatever, but not all ideas are created equal. Some ideas are shitty, and I'm sick of coddling people with shitty ideas just because this country has a weird backwards boner for old-timey puritanical rhetoric.

(via Daniel Feit)


Forgiving, But Not Forgetting, All This Gay Chicken

So I posted to Teh Tiny Social Medias yesterday about Chik Fil-A walking back their stance on supporting anti-gay organizations, and wondered whether it was okay to eat there yet. And a common response was, “Too little, too late. Chik Fil-A’s lost my business forever.”

I humbly suggest this is a very unhelpful attitude.


The One Hundred Dollar Question

Jonas Kyratzes on the reaction to Steam's new Greenlight fee:

A disappointingly large number of developers and journalists could not even imagine that some people don’t have this amount of money. I found this genuinely shocking. It’s not that they hadn’t experienced it themselves, but that they could not even conceive of it. That’s a disconnection from reality so fundamental that it is quite frightening. Ever wonder why there aren’t more political games? This is why. Not only are the majority of developers (those who have a voice, anyway) white heterosexual middle-class males from the US or the UK, but a scary amount of them have absolutely no understanding of the existence of anything outside their own experience, and are in fact offended by the very suggestion that anything else exists.


Elementary Schools, Transgender Kids, and Educator Freak-outs

I look forward to the day when transgender people, of any age, are no longer so misunderstood.


Would You Like To Wash Your Hands?

“Doctor, before you remove that cyst from my husband’s stomach, would you mind washing your hands?”

“My dear lady, I assure you, I am clean.”

“But they say that there are small creatures that cannot be seen with the naked eye – ones that we all carry with us…”

“Are you saying that I’m filthy? Disease-ridden? I’m a skilled physician, with many talents! You seem to think I’m some common leper, ferrying virulence from place to place! How dare you insult me by calling into account my cleanliness? I am a gentleman!”

“I’m – I’m not insulting you, I’m just saying that everyone has these bugs…”

“Oh, so now I’m bug-ridden?” …and so forth.

End result: dead patient. But a doctor who felt good about himself.

See if you can guess what this piece is about from the quote above before reading it. Hint: it's not hygiene.


App.net and the Problem of Intent

I wanted to write something like this piece myself in response to John Siracusa's misunderstanding of the "white flight" argument. Thankfully, Jamelle Bouie saved me the trouble and did a much better job.


You are What You’re Worth

A sobering, important piece by Mattie Brice about class, economics, and priorities.


On Political Correctness

Disdain for "political correctness" is often positioned as a concern that some important truth is not being spoken for fear of offending someone. But that concern is nothing but smoke and mirrors. To invoke "political correctness" is really to be concerned about loss of power and privilege. It is about disappointment that some "ism" that was ingrained in our society, so much that citizens of privilege could express the bias through word and deed without fear of reprisal, has been shaken loose. Charging "political correctness" generally means this: "I am comfortable with my privilege. I don't want to have to question it. I don't want to have to think before I speak or act. I certainly don't wish to inconvenience myself for the comfort of lesser people (whoever those people may be--women, people of color, people with disabilities, etc.)"

(via Leala Turkey)


Why I Believe Bristol Palin

Supremacy turns to hate when the feeling of innate superiority is openly challenged.

That outraged feeling you have of being oppressed or silenced just because pop culture doesn’t like you, and Rahm Emmanuel threatened to keep Chick-Fil-A out of Chicago? That’s the feeling a supremacist gets when her cultural superiority is being eroded.

Supremacy is why you and Bristol Palin have more outrage at your own inconvenience than at the legitimate oppression of others.

Supremacy is what causes you to believe that whatever status or privilege you enjoy is the will of God, so that the very act of fighting you politically is an ungodly act.

Supremacy is what allows you to think it only natural that your mere belief should be favored over my clear argument, or that your firmly-held opinion should be favored over my impassioned plea.

Like many habits, supremacy can be unconscious. Sometimes you don’t know you’re doing it until someone points it out.

And, when someone finally does point it out, it can be very tempting to hurl them out a window.

But don’t do that. You’d be hurling the wrong thing.

Fantastic follow-up by the author of this post. (via Glenn Fleishman)


Boycott the Boy Scouts

So this explains why the Boy Scouts are so against gay people: they're sponsored by three huge conservative religions. Sad, but there's a lot of truth behind this:

This rare example of interfaith unity shows that when religions that are so dissimilar can agree on anything, it's virtually guaranteed to be something that's intended to hurt gays, women, or nonbelievers.

On the positive side, this too was new (and welcome) to me:

The Girl Scouts, which are an entirely separate organization, deserve commendation for their long-standing policy of accepting all girls without regard to religious belief or sexual orientation.